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Mitten's reference sheet! by Eveleencat Mitten's reference sheet! by Eveleencat
(for some reason, I made her thicc and I have no idea why i did that. Original:… )

Name: Mittens

Likes: Cat games, making art, cat treats, and her stuffed worm, wormy

Dislikes: Bugs and violence

Breed: Scottish fold and American shorthair mix

Gender: Female

Usual mood: Happy

Mate: None

Friends: Eveleen, Snowball, Golden Heart, and Sadie ( Golden Heart and Sadie coming soon)

Summary: Mittens was born in a forest near Pilot mountain. During her kitten years, they were normal. She had a best friend and was pretty happy. Then, her mother found another mate, Mitten's step dad, and they moved to Moorseville. Then, when she was 8-9 years old (12- 13 years old in human years), she met Eveleen. Ever since then, they've been best friends! Before Eveleen met Snowball, she had a crush on Mittens. Mittens soon found this out and told her she wasn't interested. Luckily, that didn't stop them from being friends!  She does tend to be shy around new cats, but once she gets to know her, she'll be able to tell good jokes! 
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November 4, 2017
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